Version Control with Git: A step-by-step guide to learn Git

Learn how to save and manage various versions of your code projects using this essential tool.

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Created By Michael Holland Last Updated Sat, 26-Jan-2019 English
What Will I Learn?
  • Create and merge multiple versions of a project
  • Collaborate and share Github projects
  • Understand when and why Git and/or Github should be used for project version control
  • Track and modify Git projects
  • Use advanced git commands for more complex scenarios for tracking and editing
  • Know when to use the Git command in the terminal
  • Turn your project back to a previous version

Curriculum For This Course
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This course is intended to get students to work as soon as possible with Git and Github. Students will have hands-on experience working with Git and Github by the end of the course and will be able to use Version Control for any project. Course Structure The course is divided into two main areas: Core Skills and Advanced Topics. In the Core Skills, we first use We use the terminal first for students who have no experience at all with the terminal (this section can easily be skipped by those who feel comfortable interacting with it). The students are taught to navigate and create files and folders. Then students are taught how to create repositories and commit changes in Git. Then we teach students how to “go back in time”, resetting and fusing before moving to branch and fusion. After the basics of Git, we add Github to show students how to interact with a remote repository and then we use a remote repository to work together with the correct workflow. In the Advanced Topics section, we regularly add content to some more advanced aspects of git, including Rebasing, advanced merge scenarios, Stashing etc. to ensure that students always have a place to learn the advanced concepts they may not see but still need to know too often. On enrollment you will get the following benefits: – 24X7 Support – Instant response to queries – Query response over mail
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